The proud new owner of 1970 Challenger R/T HEMI, one of three 
documented Shaker hood 4speeds, during 2009 Mopars at the Strip.

Being 15 years old for me brought with it a long walk, 3 miles each way in the dark to work a back to back close, then open shifts at my local McDonald's. Like most teenagers, I longed for a car, mostly to turn four hours of walking between shifts into 5 minutes of driving. But it was those daily journeys that lit my fire for muscle cars.  About two-thirds of the way to work on a long stretch of road between neighborhoods, was a small gray house with a detached garage that opened with a single panel overhead door. Inside and parked around the yard, loitering like barn cats were '67 – '70 Mercury Cougars. No matter the time of night or how early in the morning I walked by, the light in that garage was on usually accompanied by sounds of the Steve Miller Band eliminating from speakers too small for such a large space. One day I was walking by after an open shift and hear the same music bleeding into the street from the open garage. So, I decided to walk in. The trajectory of my life changed.

The gray house and garage were owned by a Ford mechanic that spent most waking off hours restoring his old Cougars. I found out that he had been wrenching on them since he was a boy my age at the time. He taught me how to evaluate a good car and spot problems. I brought my first car, a '79 Mercury Capri to him and he showed me how to maintain it.  He even taught me how to do an alignment with little more than pickle bar, some chalk and a tape measure. That is where I learned, not just desire to own a cool muscle car, but the ideal of being the current caretaker of these vintage vehicles.

From there I had rescued, wrenched, and driven everything from vintage Mopars, to Mustangs, and GTO's. Each car was an learning experience, and not always a positive one. There is little in this world worse than being taken advantage of with something you are passionate about.


Photographing a collection of Shelby's in front of the Eiffel Tower 
Paris, France 2010


I started Show Your Auto LLC in 2003 after a career as an Executive Recruiter within the Information Technology sector during the "tech-boom" that began in the mid-90's. The subsequent “dot-bomb” bust lead me to downsize my life, selling our first house and liquidating my modest car collection. As an I.T. Recruiter and Consultant, I taught companies to use best practices in marketing and selection so they could build high-performance teams in mission critical business units. My greatest personal satisfaction in my recruiting career was finding the people who were both talented and passionate about their work.

Starting Show Your Auto was an opportunity for me to the same for myself, to marry his skills honed in the business world with my God given passion for automobiles which began in the gray garage with the big overhead door. The problem, however, was that I was busted flat, living in a four flat apartment, and underemployed. My uncle heard of my plans to bootstrap an online automobile brokerage and offered to help by giving me a 1967 Buick Wildcat, that was brown and rust. There was only one condition, I could not keep it. Selling the car for $750, that was the seed money I used to start


Myself and Sheikh Ali Abulla Bin Hamad Al-Khalifa (to my right), 
his family and a pair of Englishmen, Robert (far right) and 
Gerrad (far left).


Since then, my work has taken me around the world. I've driven a Shelby collection through the street s of Paris, sold cars to Arab Royalty, and handled the sale of some of the rarest muscle cars ever to have been produced. What I've learned from that Ford mechanic as a young man still holds true today. To pursue and purchase a rare collectable car is not merely a buying choice, or even just an investment decision, this is about fulfilling a heart's desire. If you're like me and so many that I've meant along the journey, it is one that has been there since you were a boy. 2013 will be the 10th anniversary of my business www.ShowYourAuto.comand the best is yet to come.



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