"We are not sales people who know about cars.  We are car people who know how to sell." ~Patrick L. Krook, President/CEO Show Your Auto LLC


Patrick started Show Your Auto LLC in 2003 after a career as an Executive Recruiter within the Information Technology sector during the "tech-boom" that began in the mid-1990's.  "As an I.T. Recruiter and Consultant to the e-Commerce, Electronic Trading, and Insurance industries, I taught companies to use best practices in marketing and selection so they could build high-performance teams in mission critical business units."  Patrick served such companies as IBM, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and Allstate Insurance. Patrick grew up learning how to wrench, restore, tune, and drive American Muscle Cars, owning 13 cars within two years in high school and more since, everything from Mopars, to Mustangs, to Chevelles, and GTO's.  It has been a love affair ever since my dad let me steer his first new car.  "My greatest personal satisfaction in my recruiting career was finding the people who were both talented and passionate about their work.  I knew then that the company I worked for would be getting the best candidate."  Starting Show Your Auto was an opportunity for Patrick to marry his skills honed in the business world with his God given passion for automobiles.  "I know that to pursue and purchase a rare collectable car is not just to buying decision, or even just an investment decision, this is about fulfilling your heart's desire, and if you're like me, one that has been there since you were a boy." Today, Show Your Auto uses the same commitment to best practices in marketing and selection to take the hassle out of selling and the risk out of buying collectible cars.  We work hard to become a valued resource to private owners and pay back into the enthusiast community we grew up in. 

Keep the Hobby Fun!

Patrick Krook, President/CEO Show Your Auto LLC

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