The idea in creating was that if we make this a best way to buy collector quality cars, it will automatically become the place for enthusiasts to sell.  In short, the SYA Buying process is designed to protect the passion private collectors' have from a disappointment showing up in the driveway.  Our approach is the first of its kind to recognize that, while these are automobiles, they are also mechanical works of art, and touchstones to personal memories, close to the hearts of those who own them.  In an industry notorious for old buying models borrowed from cattle auctions and trailer-office used car lots, SYA's process is proud to be the gold standard in collectible buying for you, the private enthusiast.  We hope you enjoy the level of service and attention to detail found only here, at
Do They Sell The Way YOU Want Buy? Show Your Auto Typical
Listens What is Important to You FIRST, 
If the Car is Not a Fit, Finds One That Is.
Every Car 3rd Party Inspected, Condition Graded,
Originality & Correcteness Professionally Evaluated
Each Car Described Based of Objective, 
Idependent Inspection
Professional Photos Demonstrate Pedigree,
Candidly Show Shortcomings

Video Test Drive, Hear the Car Run, See
Accessories Work

Deposit Protects Your Purchase While You 
Confirm Condition
Ten Day Inspection Window, Verify What You Buy TM      
If the Car is Materially Misrepresented by the Seller, 
Your Deposit Prompty Refunded
One Simple Fee, Built Into the Sales Price, 
No "Buyer's Premium"
Helps You Get it Home, The Sale Doesn't End 
Until the Car is at Your Doorstep
  1. Whether inquiring about a current listing, or searching for the perfect car, we begin by listening to what is most important to you. If the current car is not a fit, we will find one that is.
  2. SYA does the homework. Every SYA listed car is professionally evaluated and condition graded by an independent 3rd party inspector.
  3. If we can't prove it, we don't promote it. For cars that claim originality or concours correctness as part of their provenance, VIN numbers, casting codes, and all salient documentation is cataloged.
  4. You would ask a new hire for references before starting, right? Why should it be any different for a new addition to your automobile collection. We contact as many previous owner's as possible to get the full story on the car, not just a snapshot of what the car appears to be today.
  5. An archive quality photography session is conducted with every car, documenting not only the traits that demonstrate the car's pedigree, but also candidly shows the vehicle's shortcomings. No car is perfect, no matter how dogged the pursuit.
  6. When ever possible we also produce a video walk around or video test drive, so you can hear the vehicle run and drive. Each video includes a safety check, to ensure accessories, horns, lights and optional equipment work.
  7. How we describe a vehicle is based on information from the current owner, corroborated with the observations of the independent inspector. We refrain from embellishing with superlatives and disclose all know flaws in a vehicle, so you can feel confident making an informed offer.
  8. Unlike the typical dealership or auction experience, you have the opportunity to visit with the owner of the vehicle, confirm details given by SYA. The chain of ownership and line of the car's history is unbroken.
  9. Verify what you buy. Once a price, fair to both the buyer and seller, is agreed upon, SYA accepts a conditional deposit. You then have 10 days to personally view the car or have pre-purchase inspection performed to confirm condition without the worry of losing the car to another buyer. If the car is materially different when compared with the initial consignment inspection, your deposit will be promptly refunded.
  10. Show Your Auto's service does not end at the time of transaction, SYA has developed strategic partnerships with best-of-breed service providers to handle everything from financing, pre-purchase inspections, insurance and transport. Our job is only finished when the is in your driveway making sure the anticipation pays off.

Why does Show Your Auto sell this way? Simple, we believe that raising buyer confidence is more effective than raising tent poles for collector quality automobiles to earn the dollar they deserve. If we satisfy the buyer on any given transaction, the seller is automatically taken care of. We have our most loyal relationships in the hobby doing business just this way. Welcome to the Show Your Auto Experience, we look forward to building a lifelong relationship with another fellow enthusiast.

Keep the Hobby Fun!

~Patrick Krook CEO,




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