Show Your Auto's buying process is a favorite amongst international buyers. Don't just think, KNOW what you are buying, thousands of miles away.

  • SYA has a proven track record, exporting 100's of investment quality cars to countries like Australia, New Zealand, Norway, England, Switzerland, France, the Middle East, and many more.
  • SYA begins by listening to what is most important to you. If nothing in our current inventory is fit, we will find one that is.

  • SYA go beyond what is publically advertised for sale by dealers and auction houses.  We have trusted access to thousands of private garages in the United States and Canada to find what drives you. 

  • SYA does the homework. Every SYA listed car is professionally evaluated and condition graded by an independent 3rd party inspector.

  • Verify what you buy. Once a price, fair to both the buyer and seller, is agreed upon, SYA holds a conditional deposit.

  • You then have 10 days to personally view the car or have pre-purchase inspection performed to confirm condition without the worry of losing the car to another buyer.

  • If the car is materially different when compared with the initial consignment inspection, your deposit will be promptly refunded.

  • SYA's service does not end at the time of transaction, SYA has developed strategic partnerships with best-of-breed service providers to handle everything from international shipping, transport insurance and customs clearing. Our job is only finished when the cars is in your driveway.

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