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SYA's preferred service for the private collector, a discreet way to actively market your car, strategically reaching the right audience while protecting your privacy and also avoiding overexposure of your vehicle.

  • Your vehicle and title remain in your possession and control UNTIL SOLD.

  • You remain in control of the selling price by setting an acceptable minimum reserve price in the beginning and giving final acceptance of the highest offer.

  • SYA gathers all the facts and photos from the seller that will be helpful in selling your automobile, including an independent 3rd party vehicle inspection.

  • SYA writes a compelling description with an unlimited number of photos and video; we showcase your vehicle in our private, invitation-only digital showroom. 

  • SYA strategically markets your vehicle outside normal mass market advertising methods, contacting our private network of collectors and cultivating new prospects through our proprietary marketing channels, inviting them to a unique purchase opportunity.

  • SYA acts as your exclusive representative, handling all inquiries from other collectors and buyer's agents, conducting price negotiations, and completing the transaction with the buyer on your behalf.  This can include but is not limited to, conducting a sealed bid auction event for your car within our showroom.

  • SYA holds the earnest money deposit, giving the Buyer time to inspect the vehicle and confirm condition. 

  • Once Buyer pays in full, Seller then transfers title to Buyer and releases the vehicle for transport.  SYA shepherds the sale through delivery to the Buyer, ensuring Buyer and Seller satisfaction.  
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