SYA's most popular service for the busy professional who wishes to avoid the hassle of handling any part of the sale. Your car gains maximum exposure to the right audience while it stays home in your garage.

  • SYA gathers all the facts and photos from Seller that will be helpful in selling the automobile, including an independent third party vehicle inspection.

  • SYA writes a compelling advertisement with up to 100 oversized photos and showcases the vehicle in our specialty showrooms UNTIL IT IS SOLD.

  • SYA advertises Seller's vehicle to a targeted market of millions through national publications like Hemmings, Autabuy, and others depending on the vehicle.

  • SYA handles all inquiries, price negotiations, and completes the transaction with the buyer on your behalf.

  • Seller has control of the selling price by setting an acceptable floor(reserve price) in the beginning and giving final acceptance of the offer. Seller then makes arrangements with the Buyer to transfer the vehicle
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