1970 Dodge Challenger
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'70 Dodge Challenger T/A, "Gypsy" unrestored F Stock Race Champion

Have you ever wanted a pristine perfectly preserved all original vintage Drag Race Mopar? Not Restored! This excellently PRESERVED NHRA Drag Race T/A Challenger. Yes, it is a pristine 100% rust free mint condition 3000 original mile work of art, and a piece of history. The Gypsy Challenger T/A was purchased new right off the showroom floor here in Boise Idaho and was immediately prepared for drag racing by legendary drag racer Twig Zeigler while he was at Coletti Racing Enterprises of Hillsboro, Oregon. This Challenger T/A competed in F Stock automatic and raced with the original 6 Pack setup from the factory. She has 22 actual documented Race Miles from various Northwest Race tracks where it netted 3 national records in about a 1 and ½ year time span. The original ET slips such as a 12.12 pass at 111.11 in July 1971. We also have historical photos showing her dialed at 12.02 while racing in Seattle, WA. In March of 2004 33 years later that photo was duplicated in the same building, the same room even, now in a color photo.

Documentation includes the original title, dealer window sticker, sales paperwork, Coletti Racing Enterprises brochure and info along with the original receipts from its original build for racing, as well as a Galen Govier Visual Inspection. There are so much history and information about this car, she still wears its original and only license plate from new. The complete story of the "Gypsy" was featured in the February 2004 issue of Mopar Collectors Guide. This car has an intriguing story, to say the least, and we have it all. The folders are thick. If you are looking more than a pretty face, a real artifact of muscle car history, this is the one.


A car can be deemed "unrestored" if two or more of the areas of the car still retain their finishes and trim from new. When talking about body and paint, as little as half of the factory paint can remain and still be deemed "original". This carefully preserved NHRA Drag Race T/A Challenger wears 100% of its vintage custom paint, complete with 2 ounces of gold dust applied in clear coat over the original orange color dating back to new, November 1970. Along the top of the doors, fenders, and quarter panels you can see the gold scallops that show incredibly spectacular when it is in the sun or under lights. This car has never been tubbed or body modified in any way. Yes, it is a pristine 100% rust free mint condition 3000 original mile work of art. The light weight Fenton Gyro aluminum wheels installed during conversion is included along with the original rear Rallye wheels and poly glass tires.


The complete interior is still intact and in excellent condition. All the touch surfaces have a mild patina one would associate with a 40-year-old interior, yet it has been very well kept its entire life. One thing you will notice is the front seats. They were replaced in 1972 with new factory replacement seats after the originals ones had been stolen. The original console is in like new condition and is currently installed on the car. The original shifter is present and included in the sale.


The original engine block was found to be bad when the car was delivered from the factory, so a new block was provided by the Coletti Racing Enterprises' Dodge Dealership for racing, and a new warranty replacement short block was provided through the original Boyd Larson Dodge dealership Gypsy was purchased at. The warranty replacement motor from Boyd Larson's Dodge came in the form of a 1971 340 and not a T/A 340. T/A 340 motors apparently were gone by then. That replacement motor still in the crate, still in the plastic even, does go with the Gypsy.


The undercarriage is largely unaltered from the factory and consistent with 3,000 road miles, indoor storage, and show car duty. The current owner starts, runs, and drives the car often, the fluids are all changed regularly. The original rear wheels and tires are present and included in the sale.

Principal Use

Driven Show Car

Conditional Grade

80%-89% of new condition. Shows minimal wear. High touch surfaces have small blemishes and/or flaws and plated finishes have dulled. Components may show patina and/or blemishes consistent with repeated show detailing, transport, occasional driving on dry roads and outdoor display.

Overall Originality

Unrestored as Factory Equipped
An unrestored vehicle in near factory condition in more than one or all the following areas: exterior, interior, engine bay, and chassis.

SYA's 5 Keys to Investment Collectability

* Hemi Orange w/ Gypsy drag colors, gold metal flake, ORIGINAL PAINT

* 3,000 original miles, PRESERVED NHRA Champion Drag Race T/A Challenger

* Documentation includes the original title, dealer window sticker, sales paperwork, and more...


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Principal Use
Driven Show Car
Conditional Grade
Overall Originality
Unrestored as Factory Equipped
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Kent, OH

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1970 Dodge Challenger
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