1970 Plymouth Cuda
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'70 Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda - Ted Lindsten Collection

The Ted Lindsten Collection- Only 44 Hemi ‘Cudas were built for export to Canada during the 1970 model year. This Super Track Pack, 4-speed sports a mere 17,300 miles on the odometer. Probably not your mother’s grocery getter. Sold new at Johnson Motor Company, this one was built to take on all contenders in the muscle car crazy city of Vancouver, British Columbia. In addition to the A34 option package, A883 “new process” 4 speed manual transmission, B41/B51 power front disc brakes, and FC7 Hi-Impact In Violet paint, what is also significant about this Hemi ‘Cuda are the options NOT on the broadcast sheet. Absent are the typical trappings of life as a street car, the faux wood grain Rallye gauges, or factory tach, the extra weight and cramped quarters caused by a center console, or anything more than the standard issue R11 AM Music Master Radio. Even that probably sat on a work bench most of this car’s life. As for the tachometer, Sun made more accurate instruments for less money than the factory Rallye option back in the day. If it didn’t make this car go fast, or stop in a hurry, it didn’t stay in the car. Like most cars of the Muscle Car Era, this finely restored example possesses a date code correct drivetrain. Your Super Track Pack HEMI has the original motor? You weren’t racing hard enough! Blowing up the factory installed HEMI motor was a rite of passage when you are looking for the limits of performance. What sets this Hemi ‘Cuda apart from the crowd? It is both the level of workmanship in the restoration and the abundance of original documentation. You know, fact certain, how a car was equipped as it was factory assembled when your car has the original broadcast sheet. If you don’t, then you will always have a question. While the engine and transmission are not VIN matched, the original Fender Tag, primary and secondary body VIN stamps are intact according to Galen Govier’s Visual Inspection. Chrysler expert Galen Govier’s GTS visually inspected this vehicle in 2005, immediately following a no-expense spared rotisserie restoration under the supervision of then owner and noted collector, Les Baer. Galen rated it a 1.2, Excellent on is scale defined as “Restored to the maximum professional standards of quality in every area…A 95-plus point show car that is not driven.” The remarks requiring correction were short quickly addressed by Les. The current owner and noted Swedish collector, Ted Lindsten, purchased the vehicle in 2006, not long after Les restored the car and shook it down based on Galen’s observations. This would be the second time in its life that it became an “export car”, travelling to Linkoping, Sweden where Ted cared for and enjoyed the car for the next decade. The odometer showing barely more than 100 miles since restoration, it was exercised enough to keep all the seals wet and a smile on Ted’s face. Otherwise, the In Violet Hemi ‘Cuda would stand century in private, climate controlled, collection- keeping the SIX PACK cars safe from the other Hemi powered Mopars. Was this In-Violet Hemi ‘Cuda born to terrorize the streets of Vancouver, or did it live life on the track? We may never know. Given the low mileage, excellent sheet metal, and date-code correct drivetrain, we do know that it did its job eating Cobra Jet Mustangs for breakfast and COPO Camaros for lunch, and did it well. For the modern collector, what you have here is an over the top restored, factory documented Hemi ‘Cuda with just 17,300 actual miles, a rare iconic Mopar in a Hi-Impact color and top 4-speed form.

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1970 Plymouth Cuda
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