1946 Harley Davidson E Knucklehead
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'46 Harley Knucklehead, featured on Sons of Anarchy. John Teller's Ride!

Show Your Auto is proud to present this 1946 Harley Davidson Knuckle Head, used on the Sons of Anarchy television show. We've all seen then, Mustangs tarted up to look like Eleanore from Gone in 60 Seconds, '69 Chargers slathered in orange paint, sporting the "Stars and Bars" on the roof, or knock-offs of Kowalski's Vanishing Point Challenger. How many of us have spent thousands copying a screen icon? What would you give to own the original? Ensconced in its own glass case in the SAMCRO club house, this is John Teller's bike, the father Jax never knew and whose legacy he cannot escape. Not just a prop, a genuine turn-key '46 Knucklehead and the centerpiece for the SOA Club. Bike includes pay stubs and rental invoices to the production company; fully documented proof of use on set. If you are looking at this bike as a factory original example of a '46 Knucklehead, you are missing the point of this bike. This Knucklehead is a blend of the builder's favorite features from the '45-'51 model years, just the way the original Sons Of Anarchy President would have liked it. Gathering parts for this icon began more than thirty years ago, before reproduction parts were available. The engine is the original knucklehead motor, with original stock HD Knucklehead cylinders. The belly numbers match and are intact. The Springer front end is also '46 Knucklehead. The wishbone frame is an original '48 Panhead frame. The gas tanks are from a '51 Panhead. Other Panhead items include the mouse-trap clutch and the 2 light dash. This bike was built as a blend of John Teller's personal riding and styling preferences, just like any hard riding 1%er would have done in 1970. It is show and go ready, aisde from a few chips in the rear fender, damage from the bike's use on the SOA set. Check the photos for a closer look. The bike is equipped exactly as it appeared during six seasons of the SOA television series.Whether you want to run down the road as one of the First 9, own a Harley dealership and want the ultimate promotional piece for your showroom, or you are an SOA superfan looking for the perfect mancave mantlepiece, JT's original ride could be yours.

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1946 Harley Davidson E Knucklehead
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