1970 Dodge Challenger
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1970 Dodge Hemi Challenger R/T SE- Ted Lindsten Collection

The Ted Lindsten Collection- This 1970 Hemi Challenger RT/SE has everything a person looks for in a collectible muscle car. It is undeniably rare, just 1 of 63 Challengers equipped with a Hemi power plant and the R/T SE trim option. That number is shaved down to 39 factoring for the 727 Torqueflite and some much smaller 1 of ‘x’ number when you include the 4.10 Dana 60 Super Performance Axle Package. The condition and quality are over-the-top, all the VIN stampings on the drivetrain and body have been visually inspected and confirmed as original by acknowledged expert Galen Govier. It is well documented by a factory broadcast sheet, and is optioned about as desirably as one would choose if you were to break out the factory order sheet today. More people admire a prize fighting boxer that can dance, than a dancer (or figure skater) willing to step into the ring on celebrity fight night. Think Sugar Ray Leonard versus Tonya Harding. Which would you rather invite to a party? At the same time Buick brought out the GSX Stage 1, a figure skater wearing a boxing gear, Dodge introduced the Hemi Challenger R/TSE, a middleweight boxer equipped with a heavyweight champion engine, wearing a finely tailored suit. To be certain, GM sold more GSX Stage 1’s than Mopar sold HEMI R/T SE’s. Then again, figure skating was a more respectable sport back then. Of all the Challenger’s produced in 1970, none are more desirable today than the few Hemi-powered cars born with the R/T SE moniker. The R/T SE’s currency has endured and even increased over time, as exemplified by this outstanding specimen. Its desirability, impact on the state-of-the-art today, and value in the marketplace have only increased over time compared to its old contemporaries, not unlike Sugar Ray. Most Hemi powered Mopars were Spartans, stripped of options like that pesky power steering, no frills “taxi cab” interiors, and even sometimes bereft of stuff like power brakes, or even disc brakes at all. The R/T SE was Mother Mopar’s ultimate expression for excess in high performance and luxury trim. Riding on a slightly longer wheel base, Challenger handled better and road smoother than the ‘Cuda. When the Hemi R/T was also equipped with the ‘SE’ Special Edition option package, it gave the owner enough comfort to truly enjoy that Heavyweight pounding away under the hood. With that finely tailored suit, and he looked good doing it too! The Special Edition Package includes Leather Upholstered Seating, a 6-way Adjustable Driver’s Seat, Overhead Consolette (‘SE’ only option), Light Package, Woodgrain Instrument Panel, Woodgrain Sports Wheel, Hood Mounted Turn Signals, C16 Woodgrain Console, and Vinyl Roof (with ‘SE’ only formal rear window). This vehicle is equipped with complementary options including the Hi-Impact FC7 Plum Crazy paint, Rallye Instrument Cluster, Hood Pins, a Locking Fuel-filer Cap, Chrome Racing Mirrors, Power Brakes, Power Steering, and a Space Saver spare tire. Not to forget the 426 Hemi under the hood, the 727 Torqueflite sends all that power to the A32 Super Track Pack Performance Axle Package comprised of a Dana 60 rear end and 4.10:1 rear gears. Decoded and visually inspected by Galen Govier’s GTS in the year 2000, this Hemi Challenger R/T SE is accompanied by a build sheet definitively showing that it is one of the very few equipped so lavishly. The rotisserie restoration performed during 2002/2003 season by the noted Aloha Automotive of Wisconsin on at car that showed 44,400 original miles, still retained all the original sheet metal, as well as original drivetrain. The workmanship still stands tall today. Ted Lindsten purchased the car through Show Your Auto in 2007 and brought it home to Sweden where it made the cover of Bilsport Magazine, Sweden’s version of Motor Trend. The odometer reads 44,900 at the time of writing. The car driven sparingly and professionally tended to. You want ‘show’ and ‘go’? Done. Extremely rare, professionally restored, and highly equipped, this Hemi-powered 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T SE simply represents the “Holy Grail” of American muscle cars.

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1970 Dodge Challenger
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