1978 Pontiac WS6 Trans Am
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'78 Firebird Trans Am WS6, 15,000 original miles, Y88 GOLD Special Edition.

In the late 70's, there was little "Muscle" being pushed out of Detroit. About the only true muscle cars around were the Pontiac Firebird and the Chevrolet Camaro. After the movie "Smokey and the Bandit" sensationalized them, the Firebird became the car to have. By 1978, the WS6/W72 combination is universally appreciated by T/A afficianados as "the one" to drive. The 1978 Trans Am out performed all comers in its class. The Spring '78 issue of Road Test Magazine pitted a Z28, a Corvette, and a Trans Am in a heads up street competition. The T/A was the clear winner, chosen as the easiest car to drive fast. This latter day muscle car was definintely made to "GO", equipped with a torquemonster W72 T/A engine and the the WS6 Performance Package for world class handing, and the close ratio M21 4speed backed by a 3.42 Safe-T-Track rear end. A sign of the Disco Era it was born to, it also had plenty of "SHOW" to boot. The Y88 Gold Special Edition gave you, Solar Gold Paint, dark gold pin striping, black tail light trim, gold front grill bezels, Gold cast-aluminum wheels (these being 15"x8" with WS6), Tan and Gold interior with Gold "engine turned" accents, Gold Formula steering wheel, and T-tops with gold tinting. The gold Trans Am Eagle on the T/A Shakerhood finishes off this brash and ballsy look. The Trans Am Gold Edition was available only in 1978, making this one the rarest and mostly desirably optioned cars for that year. The car is nearly all original, showing a scant 15,000 miles on the odometer. Being only a one-year-only option, WS6/W72 combo, and with other rare options like Air Conditioning, this car is even rarer than any "Bandit" Trans Ams of the same era. This car is pedigreed with a smorgusboard of original documentation, including its original build sheet, window sticker, bill of sale, and PHS Ceritificate. This car is also a time capsule. It has had only one repaint in the factory correct Solar Gold in its lifetime. The undercarriage is dry, still showing original primer and body color overspray. The interior is largely original with some pieces replaced with hard to find NOS parts. If you are looking for rare, original, and right- this car is the gold at the end of your rainbow. 

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Engine Type
Engine Size
W72 TA 6.6L
Fuel Specification


Body Color
Solar Gold
Body Style
Paint Type


WS6 Trans Am


Interior Color
Camel Tan and Gold
Secondary Interior Color
Seating Type
Seat Material
Shifter Type
Center Console
Engine Size
W72 TA 6.6L
Transmission Type
Manual Floor Shift
Body Style
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1978 Pontiac WS6 Trans Am
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