1966 Chevrolet Corvette
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'66 Chevrolet Corvette 327 Roadster, Nassau Blue, VIDEO TEST DRIVE

One of the most delightful open top cars to drive and enjoy the open road with is the mid-year Corvettes. This 1966 Sting-Ray is a capable example of the driving pleasure promised to the Corvette Enthusiasts. This 327 offers plenty of power, that one can live with in regular traffic on a daily basis if need be, but also rewards a foot firmly planted to the floorboard as it chews up the 'S' curve of an open road. She presents in as-factory-equipped condition, the original VIN matching 327 engine and automatic transmission, Nassau Blue, Blue Interior, and white convertible top. This vehicle has been thoroughly refreshed from engine bay and mechanicals, the interior trim and accessories, to the body and paint. She underwent a full mechanical refresh in 2015, she is ready for road. Starts on the first turn of the key. A blip of the throttle once she is warm, she will settle into low and relaxed idle. Brakes, suspension, and exhaust are likewise new. There is no fuss, no worry, just get in and drive. If you are looking for a C2 era Corvette that you can actually drive and enjoy, this is the one. Click the VIDEO to see a complete test drive.

Principal Use

Seasonal Driver

Conditional Grade

80%-89% of new condition. Shows minimal wear. High touch surfaces have small blemishes and/or flaws and plated finishes have dulled. Components may show patina and/or blemishes consistent with repeated show detailing, transport, occasional driving on dry roads and outdoor display.

Overall Originality

Pure Stock Appearing

A restored car in near factory condition where the equipment of the vehicle match the VIN and documentation description. This type of restoration may incorporate a majority of aftermarket reproduction parts. The car will appear stock in a broad sense, attention to the finer factory details are not adhered to.

SYA's 5 Keys to Investment Collectability

· This car is undoubtedly genuine, documented by original factory documentation, corroborated by Pontiac Historical Society records.

· Amongst the most desirably optioned Trans Am of its era, it is also rare being equipped with a one-year-only option package and relatively low production run, less than 8.5% of the total Trans Am production that year.

· The condition is overall “excellent plus”,reflecting the low mileage, pains taken to preserve it, and use of the vehicle for the last ten years as a rarely driven public museum piece.

· The originality is remarkable and unrestored in 4 of the 5 principal areas, engine bay, interior, chassis, and trunk area. The car's exterior has been repainted in the OE correct shade, Solar Gold and an NOS hood decal. The only non-stock items present in the car include things like an aftermarket coolant overflow bottle and are easily removable.

· The condition is overall “excellent plus”,reflecting the low mileage, pains taken to preserve it, and use of the vehicle for the last ten years as a rarely driven public museum piece.


Engine Type
Engine Size
Fuel Specification


Body Color
Nassau Blue
Body Style
Paint Type




Interior Color
Bright Blue Vinyl Interior
Secondary Interior Color
Seating Type
Seat Material
Shifter Type
Center Console
Engine Size
Transmission Type
Automatic Floor Shift
Body Style
Principal Use
Seasonal Driver
Conditional Grade
Overall Originality
Pure Stock Appearing

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