1966 Belvedere II HEMI
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1966 HEMI Belvedere II Convertible, one of 10 ever built

When building a collection, certain elements are essential to ensure the long term value and collectability of each piece. First, is the car real? Then, how original is it? How rare is it? Lastly, is it desirable? One way to consider desirability is significance. Does the vehicle represent a radical game changing leap or innovative impact within the automotive world? Even better, was it just ahead of its time? This 1966 Belvedere II HEMI convertible is just one of ten produced that first model year. The answer to each of these questions is MOST CERTAINLY. In February of 1964 Chrysler threw down a 426 HEMI engine for NASCAR competition and drag racing. Richard Petty became the Grand National Champion in '64 and '66, also winning the Daytona 500 in '64. A Belvedere convertible paced the Daytona 500 in '66. Plymouth went right to work turning the success of racing's favorite driver into sales. The '66 HEMI street motor had more in common to its solid-lifter, 12.5:1 compression track sister. While the compression and cam with 312 degrees of duration were dialed back for street duty, she remained a solid lifter fire-breather. This 1966 Plymouth Belvedere II convertible is one of only 10 426 HEMI made and only 6 known left to exist. With the code '73' HEMI engine option costing $907.60 against a base price of $2,719.00, there is little wonder why so few buyers ponied up for the 426. The car itself is a study in contrast, the furtive and the furious. B4 medium blue, steel wheels and dog dish hubcaps, hood ornament and flat hood, and bench seat all say "understated sleeper". Power top, power brakes, power steering, power windows and light package all point to "near luxury". Then you have the solid lifter HEMI, Heavy-Duty 727 Torque flight transmission, oversized dual exhaust, Blue Streak tires, and Sure-Grip rear-end she screams "street racer". One thing about the hood ornament, the front tastefully displays the Plymouth emblem, the backside where the passengers can see is "426" emblazoned in chrome against a blood red background. The car is documented by the Chrysler Historical Association Build Record, a copy of the original IBM Card, a copy of the original Broadcast Sheet, the original Certi-card, the original Fender Tag, as well as Galen Govier Registry Letter, Govier Fender Tag and Broadcast sheet decode. The car was also inspected by Ward Gappa of Quality Muscle Car Restorations, VIN, Stampings, and option codes were checked and verified for factory correctness and originality. She retains an ALL ORIGINAL engine, transmission, rear-end ALL ORIGINAL body panels, OE parts intact throughout. This car won 1st Place in B-Body 1962-67 Original when it was last shown in 1999. This year it was recommissioned for road duty and reburbished to maintain Gold winning condition after an extended stay in the private museum collection of Bill Sefton. It is overall in "Excellent Plus" condition, and turn-key road ready, an exemplar of what it means to be "Concours Driven". I have personally completed a visual inspection, driving test, and full photo shoot on this provocative convertible. If you are looking for an investment quality vehicle that is at home equally on the show field and the open road, this is the one.

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1966 Belvedere II HEMI
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